GOT MILK????? Go to Biggs!

Friday, July 31, 2009
Bigg's is running a sale from July 31 - August 2 with great Pump Perks !  If you are new to this program - let me tell you it is sweet!  When you purchase certain products, you can earn Pump perks. This will give you a certain amount off each gallon of gas on a 20 gallon fill up.  Here are the specials:
Buy any gallon of milk get $.10 pump perks (milk on sale for $1.75)
Buy any Lay's potato chips get $.15 pump perks (use the $1 off Baked Lay's from Aug. All You)
Buy a 3 lb. Chub of Ground Chuck for $5.97, get $.15 pump perks
If you purchase one of each of these items, you will get $.40 off per gallon.
Once you do the math........Figure that your car has a 15 gallon tank.............You buy one gallon of milk for $1.75........You get $.10 off per gallon = $1.50 off your total price to fill up a 15 gallon tank.  It is kind of like paying $1.75 milk- $1.50 savings = $.25 for your gallon of milk.  If you have a 20 gallon tank, it is like getting your milk for FREE.

I know I will be going to Bigg's for my milk tonight!!!!


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