Feels great to donate!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
I had a friend call me today with a request.  Her brother-in-law has cancer, so her sister is busy with work, their one year old, and spending the rest of her time at the hospital with her husband.  She doesn't have any time to go to the grocery and get necessities.  My friend asked if I could go through my stock pile and donate anything extra I might have.  I got so excited.  I love to help out other when possible.  As I started going through my stash, I even amazed myself at how much I am able to continue to give to others and still have plenty leftover for our family.  I have included some pictures of everything I was able to give.  She really only needs to buy meat, bread, milk, and toilet paper (since we all know how it is hard to find a good deal on that anymore!)  Want to donate some of your extra to this family????  Just leave a comment or email me!


  • Laura

    Wipes and diapers would be great if anyone has extra.

  • Yes, it does feel great to donate! Bless you for your efforts in helping others!

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