Kmart Coupon Hunt

Monday, August 24, 2009
I am on the hunt for good coupons to double at Kmart during the next super doubles.  
From this Sunday's paper
$.55 off any Reese's Candy MQ = FREE
$1.25 off Spray & Wash Bright and White = might be good if they carry the product
$2 off Rimmel Mascara = might be good if they carry the product

Coupons I still have from before that I didn't get to use...
$1 LaCross Beauty tool = FREE
$1 off 2 candy bars = FREE
$2 off Visine = FREE
$1 off Skintimate shaving gel = buy the travel size to get it for FREE
$1.25 off Vaseline Lotion = $.50 or free if it is on sale

These are just a few to start looking for.  Get hunting! 


  • NakiaW

    Laura you can print $2off Rimmel Mascara on Redplum. Here's the link

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