Kmart Super Doubles

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Super Doubles start this Sunday!!!  I will be working very hard the next few days to start putting my shopping list together.  I would love everyone out there to help add to the things I find.  One person can never find every good deal.  I have a pretty good price list from their last sale, so I will be building off that.  


  • NakiaW

    I went last night and got a FEW prices not alot (had Haley with me...ugh). Do you wanta get together and compare???

  • Laura

    Love to. I got some yesterday too. Just call me. As always, I have lost your number.

  • Becky w/ Nickels-n-Dimes

    Gotta tell you...Kmart's doubles just aren't what they used to be. I may or may not be hitting this sale.

  • Jennifer

    I'm hoping that there are some good Kmart deals this time too. I went twice last time and did okay. I still have some $2 off Dove deodorant and $2.00 off Angel Soft/Sparkle coupons that I'm hoping to put to good use!

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  • Mellisa

    I wish that my K-mart doubled all the time. The last time that they did I got 75.47 worth of stuff for 5.25!! I was so exicted!! I was looking for a way to follow your blog. Did I miss it? I found your blog from Nickels and Dimes - Mr. Linky!

  • Laura

    You can sign up as a follower if you set up a google account. I am trying to add a feed so my new posts will go to your email. I have checked so many coupons with Kmart. Problem is...Kmart is so expensive that I haven't had much luck. It is almost better to go to a regular sale and use your coupon without Kamrt super doubles. For example, Chinet plates are $5.29 at Kmart. but under $3 at Wal-Mart.

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