Kroger - Rockin' the House again!

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Just reviewed the ad for Kroger next week.  I was hoping for a week off from shopping, but I won't be able to resist some of Kroger's deals!  Here are a few things I see....better match-ups to come later.  
Ball Park Hot dogs 10 for $10 . Use $1/2 MQ to get for $.50 each WOW!!!! Stock up!
Pepsi, coke, and 7 Up 12 packs $2.20
Purex $2.49 - Use $.35 coupon to get for $1.80 a bottle - STOCK UP!
Hunt's Ketchup $1 use MQ for $.20 to get for $.60 a bottle
Bounty Paper Towels $1  - Use MQ for $.25/1 to pay $.50 a roll - STOCK UP!  There might be more coupons in tomorrow's paper.  I so need paper towels. YEAH!
Goldfish $1
Hefty One zip $1.  I think we get a coupon in tomorrow's paper that might make these FREE
Reese Cups 2 for $1 Use MQ $.55 to get FREE
Kroger Apple Juice $1 (made my pulled pork recipe yet?)
Hillshire Deli Meat 2 for $5  - Use $.55 MQ to get for $1.50 each. Not bad!
Bob Evans 2 for $5 - Use MQ $.25 to get for $2 a roll.  I try to pay less than $2 a roll.
Tyson Chicken $1.99 lb. - Use MQ for $1 off.  If you have multiple coupons, buy the smallest size package  and buy multiple packages.

Thank you Kroger for starting to give Meijer a little more competition!


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