Meijer 101

Thursday, August 6, 2009
I knew my total at Meijer would grab some attention!  It is time for the run down on how Meijer operates and how to make it work for you.
*Meijer will accept a MQ( manufacturer's coupon).  You can get these in your local paper, as a peelie (coupon that you peel off another product or that product), or other coupons found inside the store.  Some other coupons found in the store are referred to as a "blinkie" (comes out of a box with a blinking light, usually in front of the product),  or "tearpad".
*Meijer will accept an internet printable (like from
*Mejier has a store coupon called a Meijer Mealbox.  I will start calling these MM.
*You can use a MM and a MQ on the same item.
*You can print as many MM as you want.  Use as many as you want.
*Meijer will only double the first two identical coupons for the same item.  If you want to buy more and use more of the same coupon, you must separate these items into different transactions.
How do you get a MM?  Go to  On the right hand side, click on "specials".  It will show you a list of MM available.  These change monthly and have different expiration dates.  To print, click on "view my shopping list".  From there you can click "print".

Here is how I used these to my advantage this week...
Transaction #1
2 Skippy peanut butter $1.25 each
= $2.50 for 2
- $1.60  I used 2 MQ for $.40 off one.  Both doubled to give me $.80 off each.   8/2 insert
- $1 off 2 MM

2 Ragu  $1.50
$3 for 2
- $1  I used 1 MQ for $.60 off 2.  Doubled to $1.  Found in 8/2 paper insert
-$1 MM for $1 off 2
=$1 for 2 jars of Ragu (.50 each)

4 Barilla pasta  $.77 each
=$3.08 for 4
-$1 off 4 Barilla pasta MM
= $2.08 for 4 boxes
Total spent $$3.08

If you did as I told you, and bought 6 papers this past Sunday, you can repeat this transaction several more times.  If you didn't listen, shame on you.  I am sure you will be mad at yourself over this one.  Maybe you learned a lesson and will listen the next time.  LOL.  When coupons come out in the paper, you should always have at least 2 copies.  I prefer 4 or 6, depending on how good the coupons are.  Why even numbers?  Many sales, like Meijer, will require you to buy 2 of an item to get to use a coupon.  If you have 2 papers, you have 2 coupons to use.  Also, on Buy One Get One Free sales (BOGO), you can also use 2 coupons for the 2 items, even though one was free.  


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