Meijer Mealbox - Check it out!

Friday, August 28, 2009
Meijer Mealbox has 104 coupons out there today.  Now, before you get too excited, some of those do expire this week.  But I have to say - I am very excited!!!!  Why, you might ask?
I love to get things for free, and some of these will do just that!  Here are the great ones so far...
A1 Steak Sauce - $1 off 2- wait for A1 to go on sale for $2.50, 
Buy 2
Use 2 of the $2 off MQ from a few weeks ago
Use 1 Meijer Mealbox for $1 off 2
= 2 bottles for FREE
Chinet $1 off any - wait for sale, use the $2 off Chinet lunch plates = FREE
Easy Mac $2 off 4, check ebay for coupons to pair with this to get for FREE
Huggies Wipes $.50, combine with the $.50 MQ from a couple of weeks ago to get $1.50 off 
Kraft Cheese Singles $1/2, combine with sale and $1 off 2 MQ to get a great deal!
Many, many more coupons, just waiting to see what MQs we get to match-up.  You never know what is out there on ebay.  If there is a Meijer Mealbox for something you use frequently, check ebay to see if if anyone is selling a coupon that you could stack with the Meijer Mealbox.

Thanks Nakia for the heads up on the new posting!


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