Sunday's Paper August 9, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009
After reviewing the coupons for tomorrow, I am very excited.  There are many coupons coming out that will eventually result in free items or very cheap items.  I will probably buy 6 papers.  I originally thought I would get 4, but I think I will need 6.  Some coupons that caught my attention:
*Bic $1 off 2.  These are going on sale at Kroger for $.50 each next week.  Buy 2 sets of Bic pens for $1.  Use the $1 off 2 coupon = FREE
*Chinet $2 off.  this will be good for the upcoming Kmart sale.  Hopefully resulting in FREE or almost free plates.
*Lysol - multiple coupons.  Those of you new to couponing, these are HOT!  Meijer will typically run a 1/2 off Lysol sale.  Use your coupon from the paper and possibly a Meijer Mealbox to get these FREE or less than $.50 each.
Velveeta Cups - BYGO.   My kids love these, can't get enough of them!  
Betty crocker cookie mix = FREE when it goes on the $1 sale
Betty Crocker Frosting = FREE when it goes on the $1 sale
Betty Crocker Fruit snacks = $.50- $.75 per box on a good sale
Chex Mix  = FREE when it goes on sale for $1
Just a little preview.  How many papers are you going to buy?


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