Updates from Kroger Mega Sale

Monday, August 17, 2009
I went to Kroger tonight to check out the Mega Sale.  Unfortunately, I didn't really find many extra things included in the sale.  However, I did save 75% !!!!  Between Meijer, Kroger, and Remke's discounted meat section, I think I have enough food for at least 3 weeks, maybe 4.  I hope so...tired of shopping.  I can't shop for awhile, because I am out of room.
I will give a better run down later, but these are a few of the really good deals.  Start looking for those coupons ladies...
Toaster Strudels
Pillsbury Biscuits and cinnamon rolls 
Totino's Pizza Rolls
Hamburger Helper - great deal
Betty Crocker Fruit snacks - I now have 18 boxes.  Good for a long time.
General Mills Cereal - select varieties on sale
Nature Valley Bars - also a catalina special.  
Buy 3 and get $1.50 off your next order
Buy 4 and get $2.50 off your next order
Buy 5 or more and get $3.50 off your next order
Chex Mix Bars


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