Dry My Tears!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Just got bad news from my sister-in-law!  She looked at the new Meijer Mealbox....they all say limit one per transaction.  Seriously- this is going to make those cashiers miserable.  It is also going to hurt us in those deals that are "Buy 5 get $5 off", etc.  I am so bummed.  I still love Meijer, but not as much now!  Even more reason to SUPER STOCK UP at Bigg's!  Okay folks, time to buckle down - find space in your basement, garage, top of shelves in closets, top of frig...you get the idea.  Find the space to store these great deals.  It appears that they will be getting harder to come by!


  • mjafisk

    do u think its just frozen stuff they are going to do that with or eventually all of the coupons b/c right now its only on frozen

  • Laura

    Good question Jenn! Right now, most of the new ones say that - and they are all on frozen product. Only time will tell if they start to switch all of theirs over to a limit of one per transaction. I hope not. A few a month it way better than all of them!

  • NakiaW

    FYI some new mealbox just was added this am.....no verbage of one per transaction!!!!

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