Get Ready- Bigg's Triple Coupons Again

Thursday, September 24, 2009
According to littlemissknowitall, Bigg's is going to run their coupon promotion again!  I can't wait!  I got so much stuff the last time they did this sale.  How does it work?

Coupons up to $.50 will triple
Coupons up to $1 will double
Last time, they also doubled their "in store" coupons

Sale starts October 2 at midnight.  Any midnight shoppers ready to join me?  Last time I did not go at Midnight, and I missed out on many things!  We will make it a girl's night out!!!  

What else does this mean to me?  Personally, I am declaring next week an "eating from the pantry" week.  I hope to not buy anything next week.  I need to clear out some space for the Bigg's sale.  I also don't know if I will do Kmart Super Doubles.  If it is a $1 coupon, it will be a better deal at Bigg's because their prices are cheaper than Kmart.  If you have coupons over $1, you still need to hit Kmart. If others tell me you want to do Kmart, I will go.  You know I can't pass up on my "adult" time.  Being around kids non-stop can be stressful.  I am always looking for an excuse to get out!  Let me know ladies!!!  Get those coupons ready!  


  • NakiaW

    What coupons you think we should stock up on?? Toilet paper?? Paper Towels?? What's gonna be HOT????? I totally wanta be there at midnight I wasn't the last time and missed out!!!

  • Laura

    If I remember correctly, Bigg's sold their toilet paper and paper towels in big packages. Maybe they just sold out of the small ones before I got there. I am going to go thru my coupons today and see what i come up with. Let me know what you find. I do know that I got my Grande tortilla chips there for $.50 a bag the last time. Hope to score some more of those to go with all the salsa I canned this summer!

  • NakiaW

    I think I'm going to try and check out some prices between now and maybe sunday and do a few matchups. I haven't shopped there since the last triples so I have no idea about prices. A friend of mine forwarded this scenario about a deal this week...kinda funny to me!!!!

    This week the great deal for Pump perks is the Milk and Doritos.
    For each $2.99 bag of doritos you get 15 cent per gallon pump perks.So if you buy 20 gallons that makes $3 off your gas. If you like Doritos buy buy 15 bags pay $44.85
    then you will get 15 cent per bag you will get $2.25 per gallon off PLUS 4 cents for each $10 so a total of $2.29 off per gallon IF you get 20 gallons tht comes to $45.80 off your gas so FREE doritos, throw in a couple gallons of milk and you will almost have a full tank for hardly anything. Too bad there are not some coupons for doritos. If you do use pump perks and your car does not hold 20 gallons make sure you bring a gas can to use. I got a 5 gallon one at Walmart for just over $8 so we dont waste any of that 20 gallons. Or if you have 2 small cars put 1/2 of the gas in one car then DON'T PUT THE NOZZLE BACK and have someone move cars so you can put 1/2 in the other car.

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