Hot Off The Press!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Great deals Nakia found at Meijer!!!  Thanks, Nakia!

 I just got home from Meijer and got a few good deals for you.  
> Bounty paper towels on clearance for $.65...(I have NO coupons :-
> (!!!!!!!    ).  Brawny 8 pack paper towels $4.xx.  Nestle 24 
> packs of water on clearance for $2.30.  I had (2) $.50 off and 
> there is also a mealbox for $1/2...CHEAP WATER!!!  They were 
> restocking veggies (doubt you are looking for that) and very 
> little Crytal Light!   Just thought I'd give you an update if 
> you needed one...LOL


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