Is it Saturday already?

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Sorry my posts have been lacking this week!  I have been so busy!  Don't think I am shopping Kmart in the morning.  I hope to concentrate on Bigg's this week.  Don't forget...3 inserts tomorrow. For those of you shopping tomorrow, click here for a $5 off $50 order coupon.
The few good deals off the top of my head...
$1 MQ Lacross Beauty tool = Free
$2 MQ Visine = FREE
$1.50 IP $1.50 off any Pond's product - make up remover wipes are $3.69. make them $.69

Deal idea: if they don't limit you to 4 alike items
Buy 5 Huggies Pull-Ups
-$5 Kmart coupon
-$20 Use 5 $2 MQ (each will double to $4 off)
=$25 out of pocket
You should receive a catalina when you check out for $12 off your next purchase
Like paying $13 for 5 packs
*** You could even go back to get 3 more packs of Huggies pull-Ups 
-$12 Use 3 $2 off MQ
-$12 catalina from first transaction
= $6
Get a $5 off your next order catalina

Just talked myself into going...see you there!


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