Kroger News

Thursday, September 10, 2009
OKAY!  Word is that there is a Kroger Mega Sale coming next week.  This is typically a good sale with many things for free or very cheap.  I will let you know more once I get all the details. I have also heard that the coupons coming out this weekend look pretty good!

Other Kroger News
**4 roll Angel Soft toilet paper marked down to $.59.  They must be discontinuing this item due to the LARGE amount that is marked down.  Bad news,  when I was leaving I saw a Kroger employee walk out with about 50 packs, so good luck finding more.  Can't blame this one on a coupon shopper. LOL!
**Catalina alert!!!  When I checked out today, I got 2 different catalina's for Disney Vitamins.  One catalina is for $3 off, the other for $2.50 off.  Wait, it gets better!  These are always going on sale BOGO.  Here is what I am hoping to do:
Disney vitamins $6-$7 each
$7 Buy 2 when they are BOGO (since you technically bought 2 bottles, you can use 2 coupons)
-$3 catalina
-$2.50 catalina
=$1.50 for 2 bottles!  Great price!


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