Meijer Sept 20-26

Friday, September 18, 2009
Oh, how I love Meijer!  They are out to win my heart!  If you don't have a Meijer nearby, where is the closest one?  If it is 30 minutes away, you would still save money to shop there, even if you factor in the cost of gas!  Seriously!  They rock!!!  What do I see for next week?  These are a few of the things I plan on, still looking up coupons to match.  As always, I don't do a complete ad match-up on this site.  I only post the things I consider to be a good price.
Kelloggs Frosted Flakes $1.49
Buy 2 and use the $1 off 2
total = $1 per box

Cottonelle Toilet paper - 6 double rolls $2.99
Do we have a coupon?  Can't find mine, still searching.

Betty Crocker helpers $.89
=good price

Grippo's - 8oz. $.99
(Nakia - I know you want these for Casey!)

Meijer 1/2 gallon chocolate milk $.99

Asparagus $1.50

Strawberries $1.69

Seedless Grapes $.86

Freshetta PizzAmore $3.99
-$1 MQ
=$2.99 is there a MM too?  If so, even better deal!

Mayfield Ice Cream $2.49
- $2 MQ
=$.49 WHAT!!!!  Make room in the freezer baby!  Just when I started my diet this week and actually stuck to it! Darn!

Playtex Tampons B2G1
Buy 3 small boxes @ $2.99
$6 for 3
-$2.50 use 3 $.50 MQ, only first 2 double
=$3.50 for 3 boxes

Jello (boxes)6 for $3
If you still have any old coupons, these will be free.  Thanks Nakia for the tip!  I don't think I still have those coupons. 

Crystal Light on the Go
2 for $4
$4 Buy 2
-$2 Mq from last Sunday's paper
-$2 use 2 Meijer Mealbox $1 coupons
=FREE - yes, I did my math correctly, and Nakia confirms it!

Sundown and Disney vitamins BOGO
-$2  Use 2 $1 off MQ
=Price unknown

Aunt Millie's $1.29
-$.70 use 1 $.35 MQ

Okay ladies, what did I miss?

Almost forgot...Cokes are on sale for $2.49 a 12 pack.  Remke's ad has a MQ for Buy 3 12 packs of Coca-Cola products, get a free 12 pack of Coke Zero!  I see no reason why we can't use this coupon at Meijer, especially since Meijer will honor other stores coupons.  If you won't drink Coke Zero, you best be bringing it to me!!!


  • NakiaW

    I used my Cottonelle coupons when I found that great sale at Meijer a few weeks back.... you should remember???

  • NakiaW

    Or maybe that was Charmin.... now I forget

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