My trip to Meijer 9/3/09

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Since I know you can't see everything in my picture, let me give you a run down...
10 bottles of A1 sauce
7 Danimal yogurts
1 Dora yogurt(my 2 year old insisted)
1 backpack
1 lunchtote (my 4 year old insisted)
2 boxes of Town House crackers
1 pound salami from Deli
1 package Land o Lakes cheese from the deli
2 tubs Huggies Wipes
1 Snack on the Go( healthy snack for 4 year old)
2 jars Planters Peanuts
3 boxes Eggo Wafffles
3 Lean Cuisines
1 Bag Beef Jerky
2 tubs Country Crock Margarine
2 boxes of Cheez-Its
1 Marzetti Salad dressing 
1 Mixed fruit bowl
2 Packages Chinet plates
1 Package Chinet insulated cups
Total spent: $32.64  - YES!
Total saved :$116.45  That is a savings of 77%.
I would have done even better if I didn't spend $9 on the extra items my kids insisted on- and I gave in.


  • mjafisk

    Awesome!!! I just need to go shopping with you all the time. I did so well last time i met you at meijers and even though i know what im doing i always seem to miss something lol...

  • Laura

    Might be going tomorrow night for anyone that wants to go. I want to wait and see if they are having anything good in their Sat. only sale first. I might also have a really good deal on Nabisco to get the $10 off of 3 Hanes. I will let you know how it turns out.

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