Store Match-ups

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Due to the amount of time it involves, and the lack of followers, I will no longer be doing all the store match-ups each week.  I will, however, post the things that are a good deal at each store and which coupons I plan to use on them.  Since there are so many other bloggers that do all the store match-ups, it seems silly for me to redo that all over.  I will still provide you with a link to a website that I think has a good match-up.  My goal is to keep this site simple.  Sometimes I feel like I am brain dead after viewing an ad and then working on my deal scenarios.  Lucky for you, I will post that deal scenario for you so that your life will be easier.


  • NakiaW

    Thank you for ALL that you do and post! It's a great help!!! PS Kroger Mega Sale 9/14..... Looking like a GREAT one!!!! LOL

  • Laura

    How can I get the early news???!!! I hate to say it...but I was hoping for no good sales. I want a week off, and so does my pantry, basement, bathroom closet...

  • NakiaW

    I had received an email I don't know how I got signed up to receive it but it came from Kroger Co. There is lots of good stuff BUT no prices in the email! I'm going to be stalking door store this week!

  • mjafisk

    I love all that you do laura i keep telling everyone i know to check it out....I will just have to go shopping with you more often now lol

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