Bigg's spreadsheet complete

Thursday, October 1, 2009 has some great match-ups as well.  She posts everything.  I only posted what I considered to be a good deal.  If the item has a ? by it, I am not sure that I posted it in the right aisle.  If anyone else wants to go check...go for it.  I am tired of price checks at Bigg's.  Just ready for the sale.  I am wondering if we will be able to make more than one transaction.  Last time, it was not allowed.  I haven't seen a rule out for that this time.  Remember, only 2 identical coupons will double/triple per transaction.  If you find something else you consider to be a great deal, let me know and I will add it to the list.  On the far side of the spreadsheet, you will find a column that says # coupons.  I have left this blank for you to fill in.  Write in how many of that coupon you have so that you will know how many items you could purchase with that coupon.  I will email those shortly.  If I miss you, make sure you email me again.


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