Today's Coupons

Sunday, October 4, 2009
Today's coupons are FABULOUS!!!!!!  It is a 6-8 paper week for me, and possibly buying more of certain coupons on ebay/coupon clippers.  What do I love...
$3 off snuggle
$.50 Betty Crocker Warm Delight
$.50 Green Giant Steamers

just to name a few!!!! There are so many, so many, so many...sorry, I was starting to foam at the mouth.  Good week.  I will try to post some match-ups today.  But, getting my hair cut and colored comes first.  I have to look good when I shop.  LOL!  Great deals at Wal-greens and CVS this week!  Get those $4 razor coupons ready!  Kroger and Meijer both have a so-so week of sales.  I hope to have an eating from the pantry week.  Have to make room for when those new coupons go on sale from this week's paper.  WARM DELIGHTS....YUM!


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