Trying something new

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Even though we got 3 inserts today, I didn't see very many coupons that I considered to be great. I decided to try something new this week. This week, I am not buying any papers! you heard me right. I figured that the few coupons I liked, would not be worth spending $1.75 for each paper. Here is my view:
x 4 papers
Buy approx 4 coupons of each one I like from a coupon clipping service.
16 total
x$.10 each (some will be less than this)
Since most clipping services require a $3 minimum order, I will be able to order additional coupons from other inserts. This is a far better deal.

Drawback - if something goes on sale that I usually do not buy, I probably won't have a coupon for it. However, my inventory is SO high, that it won't kill me to miss one deal.


  • NakiaW

    I've been doing this same thing for 4 weeks now...LOL! Just keep buying from clipping service or ebay

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