Target 11/22

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Target still has some good deals available...

Rayovac batteries
$1 (in $1 section)
-$1 MQ  11/8 insert (I think this will work)

St. Ives Body Lotion
$.97 in trial section
-$1 MQ

50% off many board games

$5 Character PJs


  • s.cammack

    do you recall what flyer/date this rayovac coupon came from?!

  • Laura

    It came in the 11/8 insert. I ordered some on ebay. Paid $2 for 10.

  • angiedeatherage

    Ok...I ordered 20 of both of these from Ebay for $1.75 each!! Woo Hoo!! Now, dumb question...where is the trial section? hehe

  • Laura

    At Target, the trial section is in front of the Pharmacy. I always stock up on these trial lotions and mentos gum coupons, knowing that both of these will go free at some point. Then, I pair them with a key fob for a great and inexpensive giveaway at parties. I tell them they are "essentials for their new purse". They love it! Glad you are following the blog!

  • angiedeatherage

    Oh, great idea!! I found them btw! Picked up 20 packs of batteries and 20 bottles of hand lotion. I had 20 coupons for each...paid nothing but tax!!! YOU ROCK!!

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