Target Price - updated

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New to clipping coupons? How do you know when it is a good deal or when you need to wait until a better sale comes along? As you coupon shop longer, you will start to learn what is considered a "good" price. These are my target prices, meaning that once I combine the sale price with a coupon, I don't want to pay over my target price.
Toothpaste - FREE
Cereal $.75 - $1 a box. Sometimes I will get lucky and only pay $.50
Toothbrush - FREE
Dishwasher detergent $.50
Lysol cleaning products - FREE - .50 each
Pull-ups and Diapers - prefer to only pay $4 a pack
Brownie mix, cookies, and icing - FREE - $.50
Fruit Snacks - $.75
Mac -n- Cheese $.30 or less a box
Chex Mix - FREE
Crystal Light Free - $.88 a box
A1 - Free - $.50
Yogurt - FREE - $1
Soy Milk $.99, although I have been getting it for $.50 frequently
Biscuits, pizza dough $.50
Laundry Detergent $2 or less ( check out my recipe on how to make your own laundry detergent for about $.04 per load
Fabric softener $2 or less
Meat - only buy when it is 40-60%. Check mark down areas.
Bread - FREE - $.30 a loaf ( Meijer always has a good sale on Aunt Millies)
Johnson's Buddy Soap - FREE
Johnson's travel first aid kit - FREE
Head and Shoulders - FREE travel size
Shampoos and hair styling products - FREE to $.50 each
Tampons & Pads - $1.50 box
Sunscreen $3.50 or less - currently found at Dollar Tree for $1
Betty Crocker Warm Delights - FREE
Razor - FREE to $1 (usually a $10 razor)
Pasta - $.50 or less
Air Freshener /candles - FREE
Pizza Rolls $2 for a 40 count bag
Hamburger Helper $.75 or less a box
Granola Bars $1 or less
Chex Bars $1
Cleaning sponges - FREE
Suddenly Pasta - $.40 or less
Butter - $.50 or less

There are so many items, I could never list them all. These are just a few.


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