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Thursday, November 12, 2009
WOW!!!!  3 inserts this weekend, and they are HOT!!!  Too many to list them all, but here are a few highlights...

Betty Crocker cookie mix $.40 MQ= will get it for $.20 when paired with right sale
Land O'Lakes Butter $.50 MQ,=will be free when paired with right sale
Airwick Freshmatic $5 MQ= free to $1 ...you get the idea
Bird's Eye Vegetables $.50MQ=free
Daisy Sour Cream $.50 MQ=Free
Eckrich $.50 MQ = $1
Revlon Beauty tool $1 MQ= free
Revlon cosmetic $2 MQ= very cheap makeup
Tabasco $.50 MQ= free or close to it
Chex Mix $.50 MQ = Free
Chex Cereal $1 MQ = could be a good deal
Green Giant Steamers $.40= $.20 a box

These are just a few.  There are some rockin' coupons this Sunday!!  How many papers should you buy?  If you are new, and need to build a stock pile, I would suggest 6-8.  Yes, it will be a pain to sort and cut out 8 papers with 3 inserts each.  Make sure you have read my old post on how to organize your coupons so that you can do it the fastest way possible.

Want to see the coupons we are hoping to get?
These are regional coupons.  Sometimes we don't get all of what they show.   However, if we don't get it, someone else still did.  Check ebay and coupon clipping services to find the ones you want.


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