Coupons this Sunday

Friday, December 4, 2009
Interested in what coupons we hope to get this Sunday?

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What catches my eye?
Bird's Eye $.50 ( will make free when Remke does its $1 sale)
Kraft Singles $.50 (paired with the right sale, this coupon will be GOOD!)
Snuggle $2 (you can find this for $3 or less at some stores)
Super Pretzel $.50 ( will get these for $.39 a box when Meijer runs their 1/2 off sale)
Many Scotch and Pilllsbury coupons that could be good with the right sale.


  • angiedeatherage

    Dumb question....when/how do you know when/what is on sale at Meier, Remke, Kroger, etc. You said good deal when Meier/Remke runs their $1/half off sale. How do you find those?

  • Laura

    I get a "door store"delivered to my house. Not all areas of Northern KY get these. You can call and request one, but that doesn't mean that you will get it. All retailers also post their ads online. Some put them in the Sunday paper, but not all grocery stores will put them in the Sunday paper.

  • angiedeatherage

    Ah ha! I thought I kept missing something in the papers. Is the door store complimentary? Who do you call for that?

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