Inventory Update

Thursday, January 14, 2010

As of yesterday, Meijer was out of Ronzoni pasta, but still had plenty of everything else on sale


Remke has had plenty of Gatorade, Quaker Rice Cakes, Dawn, Tony's Pizzas, and Bounty all week

If you go to a store and see more inventory updates, please let me know. I am bummed about the Ronzoni. Hope to get more or at least get several rainchecks. If you don't mind paying a little for your Ronzoni, Remke has it on sale 3 for $4 this week. Still a good price, but not as good as FREE!


  • s.cammack

    i went to miejer on wednesday night and they were completely out of halls and quaker rice cakes too. moved on to remke (on turfway) from there in attempts to get my rice cakes and they were completely out too. if anyone notices a re-stock please let me know!

  • Laura

    Meijer does not plan on restocking the Ronzoni - they are issuing rain checks. I found some Rice cakes there this morning, but not many left.
    Out of fruit snacks.
    Remke on Buttermilk was out also, but the stock guy told me he expects them on the next truck. Remke, on Dixie in Ft. Mitchell, had everything still in stock.

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