Kroger January 4 - 10

Saturday, January 2, 2010
Baked Lays
-$1 MQ we are supposed to get this Sunday
=$1.98 I love these chips! I will be stocking up on this coupon. You don't see it come around very often. Maybe it will help me stick to my diet this new year.

Tyson Frozen chicken Breasts/Tenderloins
$4.99 a bag LOVE THIS PRICE! I am stocking my freezer!

Buy 3 participating Kellogg's Products get 2 FREE gallons of Milk
With many Special K coupons coming out, this can be a great deal!!! Plus, my all time favorite cereal Special K Fruit and Yogurt, is included. Can't wait to stock up!

Kellogg's Products - select varieties
$2.49 each or $7.27 for 3
$7.27 including 2 free gallons of milk minus any coupons you might have. I also found some cereal boxes that had 3 different $1 off coupons on them. See where I am going with this?
My one box at $2.49 that has the 3 coupons
Later this week, go back with my 3 coupons to get
-$3 use 3 MQ
=$4.27 for 3 boxes of my favorite cereal PLUS 2 gallons of milk - YES!!!!

Repeat as many times as possible before the sale ends.


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