Remke - One day sale today

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Remke is having a one day sale today with a couple of good deals. 

Check your coupon stash to see if you have any matches

Hillshire Farms cocktail weiners $1.88
Pringles $.98

Also, this week Remke has the Ronzoni pasta for $1.  Use your $.75 MQ to get this for FREE!

At the Remke on Dixie Highway in Ft. Mitchell the G2 gatorade was marked down to $.78.  If you still have any of the $.50 MQ, this will be a money maker.


  • chittums

    I need help so I am turning to you. A friend just called and said the Meijer is not doubling coupons any more. I looked on their sight and I can't find any where were it says they will double up to 2 coupons any more have you heard.

  • Laura

    There have been numerous complaints around the other blogs regarding Meijer and their coupon policy. Here is a link to what they posted. Since each Meijer's policy on doubling is different, this policy is sort of generic. I would have her call customer service to get the scoop. If they didn't double, I would ask for an adjustment on my receipt. I will try to call the as well. Does your friend shop the Meijer in northern KY?

  • sgerry

    She does. Thanks for all you do.

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