WOW! Kroger rocks it this week!

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Holy Crapoli! ( that means holy crap with a zing to it!) I love it when I get such good deals that it even makes my jaw drop! While I was shopping in Kroger yesterday, my cart was heaping so bad that a man came over to me and asked me how many people I was shopping for. Then, he made his wife come over to check out my cart and my binder. It was a little weird, but funny. I guess I did look like I was feeding an army. I saved 75% on 114 items. Only paid $48, and I will get the $10 rebate from Nabisco for buying so many of their products. That brings my total down to $38 for 114 items. Love it!

My stock pile is getting full once again! Now I just need a good deal on toilet paper.

FYI- the 24 pack of Ice Mountain water is only $2.99 with the mega sale discount. Buy 2 packs and you will get a $2 catalina to use on your next purchase. GREAT DEAL! (Thanks Rachelle)


  • s.cammack

    how are they stocked? i have been so ridiculously busy this week that i haven't been once! thinking about going tonight.

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