Danville Coupon Class

Sunday, February 21, 2010
Wow! I had a great time with the group of people that came to my coupon class in Danville, KY. Hope you all left ready to start shopping and on the road to great savings. Just to say,"Thank you", I have 2 more giveaways....

#1 First person to email me or leave a comment on the blog telling me that you became a fan on facebook and signed up for email updates will get a binder.

#2 First person to email me or leave a comment on the blog telling me how much you saved on your next shopping trip will get 3 coupon inserts from my Sunday paper today. (Remember that Purex coupon we were talking about...it could be yours = FREE Purex)


  • Heather

    I loved the class! I have signed up and am a facebook fan!!!!
    Thank you for all your info!
    You have gotten MANY ladies excited in Danville about couponing!
    Heather M

  • Heather

    Don't know if my post went thru or not!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your class.
    There are a lot of excite couponers in Danville!
    You provided alot of info!
    Heather Marra
    PS I am a fan and subscriber now!

  • Laura

    Heather - You are the winner of the binder! I will give it to Holly. Congrats!

  • Lindsey Tiner Miller

    Hey Laura!! Just saved 42 % on my bill at Kroger! Thanks for all the great info you shared! Loving the savings!!!

    Lindsey Miller

  • Laura

    Hey Lindsey! Congrats on the great savings! You are the winner of the coupon inserts. Are you a friend of Holly's? If so, I will have her give them to you.

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