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Friday, February 19, 2010

 I recently had the honor to attend a Kroger Meet and Greet event with some local bloggers thanks to Becky from nickels-n-dimes. (I know you hear me tell you guys all of the time how awesome she is, but she truly is a wonderful person!  Make sure you check out her post on all the good details)  I learned so much about Kroger while I was there and was completely amazed at how much thought they put into their stores and promotions.  I have always loved Kroger, but I love them even more now!  So what is the BIG scoop?  There are too many scoops to talk about in just one post.  Therefore, I will only give you one scoop today.  Most of you are all aware that when we buy groceries, we acquire "points" on our Kroger cards.  Many of you have been taking great advantage of cashing in your points for Kroger Fuel Rewards at Kroger gas stations.  If you are like me, you don't have a Kroger gas station nearby.  I have always felt left out of this program or waited until I was in a nearby city to cash in on some cheap gas.    I am left out no more!!!  Kroger has teamed up with area Shell stations to still offer us a discount.  How does this work?

#1 - You can go to any Kroger gas station and get up to $1 off per gallon of gas (depending on how many points you have earned)

#2 - You can go to any participating Shell station, enter your Kroger Plus number, and get $.10 off per gallon  (as long as you have 100 points earned)

Go here to see Kroger's Fuel Rewards

***More exciting news to come...I think it will involve 2 great giveaways. Hint, Hint!


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