Thursday's Tip of the Day - Recipe

Thursday, February 25, 2010
New to the site? Every Thursday there will be a tip of the day. This tip may help you save money or time around the house. Today's tip is a recipe that will help you use your stockpile of taco seasoning and cheese.


1 package Kraft Shredded Cheddar Cheese (free at Meijer one day)
1 package taco seasoning (Ortega was free at Meijer one week)
1 lb. ground beef ($3.84 at Kroger - I like to buy lower fat content, so I pay a little more)
2 cans tomato sauce ($.25 each with sale and coupon at Kroger)
1 package tortillas ($.50 at Kroger during Mega sale)
Total spent $4.84

Step 1
Brown meat and add taco seasoning

Step 2
In 9x11 pan, spread 1/2 a can of tomato sauce on the bottom of the pan

Step 3
Microwave tortillas for about 30 seconds (makes them easier to work with)

Step 4
Add a large spoonful of taco meat, cheese, and tomato sauce down the middle of tortilla

Step 5
Roll up tortilla and roll it in the tomato sauce in pan, just enough to coat the tortilla

Step 6
Repeat Step 5 until you run out of tortillas or out of room in the pan

Step 7
Pour remaining tomato sauce over enchiladas
Cover and Cook at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes

Step 8
Add remaining cheese to top of enchiladas
Cook another 10 minutes- no cover



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