Kroger - March Madness Sale

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The hardest thing about this type of sale is keeping track of the number of items you bought that are included in the sale. I suggest keeping a little piece of paper handy and marking them down as they go in your cart. If you don't do this, you will be counting again, and again, and again. For each 8 items you buy that are included in the sale, you will get $4 off your total at the register. Basically, it takes another $.50 off each items sale price. There is no limit to how many $4 credits you can get, so no need to separate transactions unless you are working on catalina deals, such as the Oscar Mayer deal. This week I will be directing you to other sites to check-out the Kroger match-ups.

Since I am not doing a match-up this week, I will tell you what I bought and what I considered a good deal. Hoping to get to do some shopping tomorrow.

Couple of things I know I will buy...(all prices assume you buy 8 included items to get $.50 off each item)
Irish Spring Soap
-$.50/2 MQ from this past Sunday(will double)
=$.50 for a 3 pack. I will stock up on these because I think that is a descent price and it is my husband's favorite.

Bumble Bee Tuna
-$1 MQ
=MONEY MAKER (My Kroger was already out of this today. Hope they get more in.)

Mott's Apple Juice
$.99 Great price. I will post a recipe soon for some awesome pulled pork that cooks in apple juice.

Coke 2 Liters

Plus, there was a tearpad on a Reese Display by the registers for $1 off a 2 liter of Coke and a King Size Reese.

Deal Idea:
Coke 2 Liter $.79
King size Reese $1
=$1.79 for both
-$1 MQ
=$.79 for both

Oscar Mayer Bacon
-$1.50 Internet printable, if you got one.
=$1.27 Good price
Plus, when you buy 2, you will get a $1 off your next order catalina

Oscar Mayer Hotdogs
Buy 2 and get a $2 off your next order catalina
Only do 2 per transaction in order to roll your catalina

-$1 MQ
=FREE I will be stocking up! Aquafresh Extreme is my FAVORITE!!!!! I have never gotten this for less than $1 a tube. I am so excited! I think I need to buy more coupons. Anyone not want theirs???

Hasbro Games
See previous post
I will say that I have found out that not every Kroger has these games that are advertised. I could not find them at the Kroger in Erlanger.

This is just a start to my list. After 6 hours of cutting and organizing my coupons today, I am ready to tackle the shopping list. Wish me luck! I will update you with more good finds as they come along.


  • I'm in the Louisville, KY area, and I walked the aisles of Kroger on Sunday afternoon writing down every Mega Event deal I saw.

    Here's a link to my matchups if you care to check them out:

    There is also FREE Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta, and $0.49 Planters Peanuts. :)

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