Monopoly Board Game - Kroger

Friday, March 19, 2010
If you printed all your Monopoly coupons and wish you had more, you are in luck! This Sunday we should be getting more game coupons. The one I want is $5 off any Monopoly Board Game. Since Northern Kentucky's Kroger sale will still be going on this Sunday, here is what you can do...
Buy 3 Monopoly Board Games (B2G1 free special)
$26 approx for the 3 games
-$15 when you use 3 $5 MQ
=$11 for 3 games This should also include Monopoly Jr.

I plan on stocking up my "Birthday Party" stash. Check your local Kroger ad to see if they are running this special and to determine what dates it is running. Not all stores carry the board games.

Want to know what other coupons are coming out this Sunday?


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