Spring is in the air!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010
I don't know about you, but this warm weather has our family anxious to start some outdoor projects. Since these projects can tend to get a bit pricey, here are a couple of ways to cut down on the costs.
1) Check for coupons to Home Depot and Lowes. Sometimes you can find someone selling these on ebay. It is always worth signing up on their websites for email updates, since those will sometimes have coupons as well.
2) Buy a Gift Card at Kroger or Bigg's. If you buy a Home Depot gift card at Kroger, at least you will be earning more Kroger points which equals better deals on Kroger Gas. However, if you have a Bigg's, they have a great deal right now. For every gift card you buy that has a value of $50 or more, you will earn $.15 off per gallon of gas with their Pump Perks Program. If you need $100 worth of Gift Cards, make sure you buy to separate $50 cards, so that you will get $.30 in Pump Perks rather than just $.15. While you are at Bigg's don't forget to buy your milk. Their milk is always about the same price as every other store, BUT you will get $.10 off per gallon with their Pump Perks Program.


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