Aldi April 25-May1

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Aldi is rocking on their produce this week!!!

Avocados $.59 each
Roma Tomatoes $.71 lb
Fresh Pineapple $1.59!!!!!
Lettuce $.59 each
Strawberries $1.19 lb.
Mixed Flower Bouquet $3.99

I think I need to make some fresh salsa this week!  Get ready for some Mexican recipes!

They also have some great prices on coco-lined planters!!!

 New to shopping Aldi?  Aldi carries mostly their own store brand, but it is quite a bit cheaper than other brands.  Take a quarter for your shopping cart (you will get your quarter back once you put your cart back), and take your own bags.  They have GREAT reusable bags for $1.99.  Their reusable bags are about 3 times the size of other stores.  Their produce prices and milk prices are always good.  No need to wait for a sale.  They also sell  the BEST spiral hams!


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