Meat - how to save when you don't have coupons

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
In all my classes, I always have one person that asks me how to save on meat.  Meat can be a trickier process because coupons are harder to find for meat.   However, there are still money saving options out there.
#1 First, learn your prices.  You might even want to keep a price list for the types of meat you buy so that you will have it for reference when you go shopping.  I like to keep one in my binder to help me remember the prices.  I have to admit, my list is pretty slim.
#2 Start looking for discounted meat sections.  Many stores will mark their meat down 20-60% when it is getting close to the "sold by" date.  My favorite local store that does this is Remke.  Meijer typically only marks their meat down 20%, while Remke will mark down 40-60%.  My neighbor also told me that Sam's Club marks down their meat.  She buys in bulk, separates it into smaller bags, then freezes it.  Kroger  has a marked down meat section as well.
#3 Shop the sales and stock up when it is a good price.  For example, Remke is having a great BOGO sale on some meats this Thursday ONLY.  I can't wait to stock up.

**Here is where we can all help each other and make this a little easier.  Let's start a group effort "Meat Price List".  If you buy a certain type of meat, and you know what a good sale price is for the meat, leave a comment on this post.  I will take all the comments and compile them into one list so we all can use it.

Here is a start...
Chicken/ Fresh - $1.79 lb. or less
Chicken/ Frozen Bagged- $5 or less a bag (it is $4.99 a bag at Kroger this week)
Pork Loin - $1.99  or less


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