Target - Oh how I love thee

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have not been coupon shopping at Target lately because I barely have enough time to do my regualar grocery shopping.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Target.  In fact, I probably love it a little too much because I always end up spending money on things other than just the good deals.  My Target bill is also what prompted me to go into the Thirty-One Gifts business.  I wanted to buy more, and be able to pay for it without having to report to my husband how much I had actually spent.  It is true.  Target has some GREAT store coupons out.  I will try to post the link, but it sometimes gives me a hard time.  If the link does not work, head over to commonsensewithmoney to get the link from her post.  She reported  a new find a Target today.

GE Light bulbs
-$1 MQ

I also loved the BOGO Coke coupon.  I will be able to stack this with some MQs I recently found on a tearpad at a gas station.  I also need new sheets, so I plan to wait for a good sale and combine it with the 20% off any bedding coupon.  Oh, how I love Target!!!


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