Thursday's Tip of the Day- Menu Planning

Thursday, April 22, 2010
It is one thing to have a great stockpile of groceries, but if you don't plan out how to use those items, your stockpile is not worth much.  One way I cut down on my time in the kitchen and my grocery expense each week, is to plan a menu.  Now, some people plan a whole month for me, I can't get it together for that far in advance. I do a menu plan for each week.  I look at what inventory I have on hand and decide what I can make with those items.  Once I finish my menu for the week, I know what other items I need to buy to complete my meals.  Other than these must have items, I try to  only buy more stockpile items.  I have a family of five and used to spend at least $150 a week at the grocery.  Now that I coupon shop, follow prices, and use my on-hand inventory, I have cut my grocery bill by 50-75%.  The whole month of December, I did a "living from our stockpile month", and I only spent $30 a week at the grocery store. I was amazed at how much food I had, and how much we still had after doing this for a month.  Looking for a printable menu plan to help you stay on track?  I love the menu plan that 5dollardinners posts on her site.  I will tell you more about her in another post today.  She has a really neat story!


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