Upcoming Coupons - 4/25/10 inserts

Friday, April 23, 2010
WOW!  We are only getting 2 inserts this Sunday, but there are some really good coupons!!!  I will be getting 4 papers myself, maybe more.  What looks good?
Land O'Frost Lunchmeat $1
Revlon Tools $1 (combine with a BOGO sale to get for free)
Intuition Razor $4 (combine with a sale at CVS with ECB to get for $1 or less- $10 value)
Schick Razor $4
Tyson Breaded Chicken $1
McCormick $1 (will make free when combined with the right sale)
Band-Aid $.50
Capri-Sun Sunrise $1 -YEAH!  This is a hot coupon!!!!
CareFree product $1
Lysol - tons of coupons.  Will we get another Lysol sale at Meijer?  It has been a long time!
Mentos Gum $.55 (if your store doubles, you can get this for free with a $1 sale)

**A couple of things to note: There is a Johnson's Baby MQ coming out, but it looks like it will have the wording "excludes Johnson's Buddy Bar".  Will this be the end of our FREE Buddy Bars?  We will see.  Also, I have seen some outrageous prices from people selling their McCormick coupons.  Make sure what you are paying is worth it.  If you get good coupons in your Sunday paper, it might be cheaper just to stock up on papers this week.  Between all of these coupons, it will be worth it.

To see what coupons are coming out go to thecouponclippers or taylortownpreview
The Coupon Clippers also sells coupons if you are looking to buy more.


  • NakiaW

    It looks like Lysol is 1/2 off at Meijer this upcoming week! :-)

  • NakiaW

    PS Mentos are 10/$10 right now at Kroger!

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