Thursday's Tip of the Day- Playtex gloves

Thursday, May 13, 2010
One of my favorite things about coupon shopping and frugal living is that is causes me to get creative and think outside the box.  If you have been coupon shopping for awhile, I am sure you have some Playtex gloves in your stockpile from a couple of different Kroger Sales when we got them for free.  I needed to do some gardening, and I could not find my gardening gloves. Hmmm....what to do...
I remembered that I had about 10 boxes of Playtex gloves.  I love to use these when cleaning and doing dishes, but what about using them to garden?  I put on my sporty purple Playtex gloves and found that they are the BEST gardening and weed pulling gloves that I have ever used!!!  It is usually hard for me to wear gloves while pulling weeds because I feel like I can't get to the root of the weed.  With the Playtex gloves, they were like Super Power Grip!  Plus, since they are longer than regular gardening gloves, I didn't get any water or dirt down my sleeve.  Loved it!  Of course, once my girls saw me wearing the beautiful purple gloves, they decided that they needed some too. 


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