Where is Laura?

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Sorry folks!  I am really busy.  Finding time for the blog is becoming more and more difficult.  Besides, this blog is just a hobby.  I don't really make any money off of it.  I just want to help others.  Even when I tried to put lots of time into it to make more money, it didn't work.  I think I will leave the match-ups and major posting to the other BIG bloggers that know how to work the websites better and how to work the advertisers to make some money.  Always know that these bloggers put a lot of hard work into finding deals and posting deals for you.  Never take them for granted.  They make shopping much easier.  I won't go away for good:).  Lucky you, right?  I do still want to stick around and tell you the little things I find here and there that you would only know if you checked the store.  These can be the best deals sometimes, and the shelf won't be empty.  I do love teaching the classes and meeting new people.  Again, I want to help others learn to save like I did. I think I will focus on teaching classes for now and my Thirty-One business.  Please stay tuned to my website for updates.  When they do come, they will be worth it!


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