Small Bow Purse Giveaway

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Anyone that leaves me comment on the blog will be entered into a Small Bow Purse Giveaway!!!!  Purse to be awarded on Saturday!!!!  Make sure you check back on Saturday for updated sales and to find out who the lucky winner will be!


  • NakiaW

    Hmmmm! What kinda comment you want me to leave Laura? Maybe about how much 31 rocks? LOL Sign me up for the giveaway!!!! PLEASE and THANKS

  • Jennifer

    I'm not much of a comment person, but I'll post one so you don't feel like no one is out here. You need to get back before Saturday so youcan get the great deals at Meijer's this week.

  • mjafisk

    Hey laura I ended up using those coupons without the numbers cashier said as long as the bar code was there and would scan. by the way love the enchilladas(spell?) we loved them and they were easy thanks

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