Where is Laura?

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Sorry I haven't had many posts lately, but I have been in Florida for a Thirty-one conference.  I hope to return today as long as I can get on the flight.  Although flying on a buddy pass is great for the budget, it makes it a nightmare getting to and from your destinations.  For all of my Thirty-One fans,   you are going to go CRAZY over the new line!!!!!  I mean CCCCRRRRAAAAZZZZYYYY!  I have pictures yet to come - if I ever make it home.


  • NakiaW

    Yay! I can't wait to see them and I have to admit I was wondering why NO posts!

  • Laura

    Nakia - you are now the proud winner of a 10% off coupon for anything on the new Direction line or the new Fall catalog. If I ever make it home, I will get it to you. It is so nice to have someone leave a comment on my blog! Sometimes I feel like no one is out there. Anyone else have a comment? A small bow purse is up for grabs!

  • NakiaW

    Yay! I'm SO excited and I can't wait to see some new stuff!

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