Finally - some good coupons!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009
If you have been on your road to savings for awhile now, you will probably agree with me that the coupons and sales have been lacking lately.  According to Becky at, we should be getting some good coupons this Sunday.  If you are new to savings, this  is a week to buy 4 papers.  You will need these coupons to stock up on items when they are very cheap AND you can use a coupon.  For example, assuming we get the $2.50 off electrosol coupon, this will go on sale at many different stores for $3 a box.  Use your $2.50 coupon to buy your dishwasher detergent for only $.50.  That is a huge savings.  Since you will be buying 4 papers, you will be able to buy 4 boxes at $.50 each.  This is how you start to stock up on items and NEVER have to pay full price again.  If you are new to this, I suggest you check out Becky's website for all the basics of using coupons.  She also offers GREAT classes in this area.


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