Remke - One day sale

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I did SOOOO awesome today at Remke.  I even found a reduced meat section where everything was marked down 60%.  Even better, it doesn't expire until the 19th.  Combined with my MQ for $1 off any 2 Tennessee Pride Sausages or 1 Tennessee Pride and 1 fresh ground beef, I rocked the house in the meat department today.  Not to mention the fresh Tyson Chicken tenders were BOGO - used 2 MQ for $1 off Fresh Tyson to only pay $2 per pack!!!!  The one day sale has fresh Tyson chicken breasts for $1.98 a pound, you can also use the $1 off MQ for this as well to get close to the same deal.  I am very excited because our meat inventory was getting super low.  I usually buy it at Meijer when it gets marked down to 40% off, but I haven't had any luck finding those specials lately.  I was at the Remke on Buttermilk, so make sure you look there for more meat.  I left plenty.  All Remkes have other clearance sections as well where you can usually score good deals on items when combined with a MQ.  Today I left with....
5 packages ground beef
4 packages Tyson chicken
4 boxes Tyson appetizers
2 apple juice
4 lint traps
1 box hostess donuts (my girls didn't get breakfast this morning)
1 bag mini muffins
3 Tennesse Pride sausage rolls
Total spent$28!!!!!!!


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