What I learned at Meijer tonight

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Tonight I learned that the Kellogg's promotion for the $10 off backpack with every $10 Kellogg purchase is only good if you buy the backpack at the same time as the Kellogg's products.  I was assuming it would be a catalina.  Oh well, it is still a good price on cereal.  The Finish Dishwasher detergent comes out to $.50  because it is on sale for $3.50, not $3 as many other bloggers posted.  Also still a good deal.  Need more Kellogg cereal coupons?  There are larger boxes of cereal on sale for 3 for $7.  Use 3 $1 off MQ to get them for 3 for $4.  The great deal on these is that there are 4 different $1 off coupons on the back of the box.  The coupons expire 7/31/09.  A1 is on sale, but many of our coupons expired on the 14th.  M& M ice cream bars still out of stock.  I took the last 4 Snickers boxes, so those might be gone as well.


  • NakiaW

    I just came from Meijer tonight and they had just restocked the Snickers IceCream there were TONS

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