Kroger - YEAH BABY!

Monday, August 31, 2009
I did so good at Kroger this morning!  Can't wait to give you all the details, but one tid bit of info for now...
If you are buying your Purex Laundry detergent, look for a tearpad on a Purex display.  At the Kroger in Erlanger, I found one on a Purex display back by the meat department.  Coupon is Buy 2 Purex get a free Clorox bleach!!!  I used my MQ for $.35 off to get Purex for $1.80 a bottle.  
2 bottles for $3.60 and FREE Clorox - WOW!!!!  I am checking into seeing if you can also use the MQ for $.50 off 2 Clorox bleach in the same transaction.  I will let you know what I find out.  If not, it is still a GREAT deal!  Stock up!  Don't want your Purex coupons? I'll take them!

Another clearance deal at my Kroger (by the Purex stand in a grocery cart), there was a cart of grocery items marked down.  Trix cereal for $1.29 a box.  If you haven't printed your coupon from , do it now.  You will get this cereal for $.29 per box.  Remember, you can print 2 coupons per computer.  Print your coupons from my site to help me make some money off my blog. now shows at the top of the page.  Thanks!


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