My disappointing trip to Meijer

Monday, August 31, 2009
I was so excited to have my coupons organized and my shopping list ready for today at Meijer.  However, I sure left with a lot less than what I had on my list.  The Meijer in Florence was out of A1 sauce, Kool-Aid Singles,  & Chinet Lunch plates.  I hope they restock soon.  At least I got my  rainchecks.  There was plenty of the Kool-Aid in canisters and the Country Time in canisters.  Here is how you work that deal...
Buy 3 for $3
When you check out, you will get a $2 off your next order coupon/catalina
If you want to purchase more kool-aid, make a second transaction.
Buy 3 for $3
Use your $2 off coupon
= $1 for 3 canisters.  Do this as many times as you want to hold up the line. LOL

In the back by the milk there was a cart with clearance items... guess what!! More PUREX
Marked down to $2.27
Use your $.35 off MQ (will double)
=$1.57 a bottle -  - - Cha Ching!

If anyone goes to Meijer tomorrow, please give everyone an update.  We don't like to make multiple trips is we don't have to!  Did you find a Meijer that still has inventory?  We want to know!  


  • NakiaW

    I must of beat you to Meijer yesterday. I went right after work and got plenty of the KoolAid singles and there were more on an endcap near the meat section! Maybe you missed them or someone cleared them out after me. I was there twice once right after 3 and then at 7

  • Laura

    Gone last night, still gone today! Hopefully they will restock soon.

  • NakiaW

    I read on another forum site some lady buying 100 yesterday! Ridiculous!!!! BUT that's prob where they ALL went!!! Hope they restock soon I want some lemonade!

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