Out of Stock? Get a Raincheck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009
So many times I get excited about a good sale, only to find that it is already sold out by the time I get there.  Most stores will give you a raincheck so that you can come back at a later time to get that item at the sale price.  Different stores have different expiration dates on their rainchecks, so make sure you read them carefully.  
**If you didn't get your AirWick at Meijer this week, get a raincheck!  Today is the last day!  Meijer is the easiest place to get a raincheck because you can just ask your cashier.  It is more difficult at other places when you have to go stand in line at a customer service desk.  Regardless, it is worth it!


  • NakiaW

    At Meijer since they only double 2 like coupons and only accept 6 of like item coupons if I want more than that I will get one from my cashier and then go to customer service for a 2nd. That way I can still break down to different transactions!

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