Finished shopping!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Here are just a few highlights...
Nakia reported finding an Egg Beater Blinkie at Bigg's. I checked it out tonight, and it is still there. I also got my milk ($2.19)x2, montgomery inn bbq sauce ($2.29)x2, and a dog bed ($9.99)
Got $.32 Pump Perks!!!! I will save $4.80(since my van holds 15 gallons) when I go to fill up next time.

Mentos gum on sale for $.99. Use the $.55 MQ to get it for FREE.
Egg Beaters $1.99
$7.96 Buy 4
- $2.10 when you use 4 coupons from the blinkie
-$1 MM
PLUS you will get a $3 catalina for your next order when you check out!!! Egg Beaters last a really long time. You can use them in anything that calls for eggs.

They were out of Super Pretzels


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